Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sunrise, view from the Lodge

Cabin 1 VRBO Listing 247058

Fisherman returning home

Kitchen, Cabin 1 VRBO# 247058

Cabin 1, VRBO# 247058  Livingroom

White Pelicans on the bay

Happy Yuba City Flyfisherman, Lodge Dining Room

Point Comfort Lodge, View from driveway

Maggie, (owners dog) Surveying all she rules from the front deck of the lodge

View of  Cabin 2  VRBO# 235074

Lodge Front Yard

Dock at Point Comfort Lodge and Cabins

Geese on the lake

Lunchtime in the Lodge Kitchen

Point Comfort Lodge and Cabins Shoreline

Boats we have known

View from the upper yard to the lake

View of Lodge from the shoreline

Calm day on the water, Point Comfort Dock

Boat returning to the dock

Point Comfort Dock


Left- Office/ Center- Laundry/Right-Cabin 2

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